Business Partner

Merit Medical

Founded in 1987, it is a leading manufacturer and marketer of proprietary disposable medical devices used in interventional, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, particularly in cardiology, radiology, oncology, critical care, and endoscopy

RF Medical

RF Medical Co., Ltd researches and develops Electro Surgical devices using Radiofrequency as a manufacturer of medical equipment established in 2003. Dedicated in treatment Thyroid Nodule, Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Lung Cancer, Osteoid Osteoma, Bone Metastasis, Myoma, Endometrium, and Varicose Veins

Shifaa United

One of the local Saudi medical factories that follow the modern medical foundations and works to provide effective and superior quality medical supplies such as: • Disposable Medical consumples in Wound Care-Management, • Health-Care, • Cosmetics products, • Disinfectants and Antiseptics